The secret about money

Money is an annoying necessity. It is something we must have to provide the most basic needs of our home, but it is also the secret destroyer. It creeps in and causes great havoc.

Some won’t marry the one they desperately love if they don’t have it. Some compare suitors based on who has more of it to offer. Some don’t have it, and will do anything to obtain it, not always for themselves, but for others who depend on them.

Money isn’t really evil. It can do great things. It brings security, charity, and commitment to personal growth. It allows one to shower loved ones with the means to keep them safe and secure, it offers hope to those who have none, and it allows one who has it to focus on more interesting life pursuits.

As for myself, I think of money as something that needs careful handling. As a Capricorn, I know money is important, but also sinister. One must never grow complacent about it. Let it into your ego and you begin to think having it makes you special, instead of just lucky. Let it become more than a tool to growth, and it will trick you into using it to damage others. Fall in love with it and you fear losing it.

For me, money is best treated like a necessary evil. Never to be underestimated and never to be trusted.

Money is security and possibility, that’s all it is. You use it to do things that grow your soul. Learning, building, stretching, this is how you put money to work. You use it and you control it. Don’t let it get the upper hand.

When you find yourself using it to impress people, become alarmed.

When you find yourself judging others by their lack or abundance of it, become alarmed.

When you find yourself terrified of losing it all, become alarmed.

Money is seductive. It tempts you into believing that it makes up for things. Kindness, growth, humility, and passion.

Money is meant to be used. If you have enough for yourself, you might be tempted to collect it instead of use it.

You might convince yourself that spending it is using it, it’s not. Money needs to go towards something..if you buy things it’s still there..just in the form of things instead of cash.

How to use money? Make it work. Spread it into areas that include other people. Take possibility and make it reality. Build things. Support things. Grow things.

I know. I’m just a woman with a small income, what could I possibly know about having money? I know I don’t need it to be happy. I know how to use it to build things. I know that who I am isn’t about income, it’s about soo much more than that. I’ve lived off very little and I’ve discovered that I am extremely happy with who I am inside. I use my money to grow and every day teaches me that money isn’t the answer to what I need to be happiest. Having the basic necessities means carefully watching my money..but it also teaches me that other things are much more important to me.

Money is an annoying necessity. I treat it that way. I have my eye on bigger dreams.


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