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I wrote this 2 years ago. It still resonates.

Leap of Faith

Uncertainty is hard. It makes you fearful. You stumble through each moment wanting to know, but fearing the answer. Hoping it could be good, this heart leaping in your chest. Wanting it to be the right time, this time. You don’t regret, time has taught so much that was needed, but they weren’t easy lessons. No, never that.

So, you are uncertain, but soo hopeful the hope has flavor. Uncertain of your place, you tremble in the doorway of choosing. Trust is needed and you’re not sure you have any left.

Please, hear my words.

Yes, you could fail. You could choose wrongly. You could be embarrassed or misunderstood. You could fall on the rocks below. And falling always hurts.

Or, you can stand there forever, on the edge of trying. Not living, not dying. You could stay there, in that uncertain spot. Not knowing until time chooses for you. Not owning your own choices. Shamed because you were too afraid to fail.

Or, you can leap. Hold your faith in your sweaty palm and your dignity in your heart and jump off the scariest cliff you have ever seen. Pride in your deepest core, because you may just fail, but By God you tried!

At the bottom is an answer, either way. An answer finally.

Good or bad you have tried. You have lived. You will move forward from this landing, whatever the conclusion may become.

“The end is my beginning.”

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