Just when I feel adrift, someone pulls me back to shore

When you are young you never realize it, but having someone mother you is kinda lovely. I mean, you spend years as a teenager yelling for your mum to leave you alone. All that checking on you and questions just feel intrusive, but NOW, I’m 46 and I’ve been alone quite a lot this year, so having someone, ANYONE REALLY, show up and ask 30 questions all having to do with your happiness, health, and well-being, makes you legit tear-up like a fucking baby. I feel this warm cuddle feeling to my toes.

Anne isn’t even my own mum, and yet, she makes me feel “mommed”. My heart suddenly feels a bit tight and my eyes might be a bit moist. To be honest, I was feeling a bit sad.

Do we ever really know how lucky we are to have people that turn up for us?

I hope I am as good at loving them, as they apparently are at loving me.

Thank you, Universe. Truly.

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