Interactions with TMW5T’s 12th house

Re-reading TMW5T’s Sun in 12th house Virgo post, I read about possible interactions with his 12th house being critical to his healing, so I looked up the Synastry chart I did ages ago, to see if I affect his 12th house in any way. I did and, well, I am kinda left a bit speechless.

Checking into my interactions through my Synastry reading, I find TMW5T has 4 signs in 12th house Sun,Mercury, Uranus, and Pluto. The number of interactions we share in these planets is overwhelming. What’s even more astounding, is that in all but the Sun ( Mercury, Uranus and Pluto)..I not only interact with him..we interact in at least 3 of the 4 each time.

Mars Trine Sun

Mars Trine Mercury

Mars Trine Uranus

Neptune Square Sun

Neptune Square Mercury

Neptune Square Uranus

Neptune Square Pluto

Ascendent Square Sun

Ascendent Square Mercury

Ascendent Square Uranus

Those that list as challenges (squares or opposition) are because I would force work in these areas. Those that list as supporting (Trines and Sextiles) are areas I assist and strengthen him. Interesting.

The other interactions are as follows:

Sun Opposite Moon

Sun Opposite Venus

Sun Opposite Mars

Sun Trine Jupiter

Sun Sextile Chiron

Sun Opposite Point of Fortune

Sun Trine Ascendent

Moon Conjunct Pluto

Mercury Opposite Venus

Mercury Trine Jupiter

Uranus Square Mars

Uranus Trine Saturn

Uranus Sextile North Node

Lilith Trine Pluto

Ok, so why Mars, Neptune and Ascendent?

These, I believe, are areas I would help TMW5T to grow internally..especially in the area of Ascendent as that involves the masks we are forced to wear or fear  dropping to reveal our true selves. It also indicates childhood roles or conditioning we have had thrust upon us..both areas I feel TMW5T desperately needs assistance.

Mars has to do with releasing toxic masculine gender roles and asserting ourselves as we grow out of the childhood scripts we have been taught to restrict us. Mars also has to do with embracing and rewriting sexual restrictions placed upon us, especially in the area of abuse or repression that may have made us fearful of our sexuality, or even uncomfortable with expressing in a healthy way instead of an overly aggressiveness  or passive way..both which can also be unhealthy.

Neptune is all about embracing fantasy or daydreaming, trusting instincts that aren’t logic based and immersing yourself in a state of intuitive spirituality that may frighten or confuse people. It is especially hard for those who rely on pure reasoning to simply take leaps of faith.

What I find most stunning is that each of these are areas I have experienced in my own life and learned quite a lot about.

These are my strength zones and that makes me really curious.

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