And I wept like a 6 year old who’s gotten her hearts most secret wish

It was a hard day at work. Labor day weekend and all that. I was getting the carts in when a woman stepped out of her car and started waving her arms into the air.

I looked at her and wondered what this woman was on about and then, I recognized her.

My Shay. I haven’t seen her for a year and even though we text and talk on the phone constantly, it just isn’t the same as actually seeing her in person.

I wrapped my arms around my sister (less of her, I noticed, after she’s lost 25 lbs) and completely broke down. I was soo completely happy. It was sudden and overwhelming. It was pure, sweet joy! I literally hugged her 3-4 times and cried freshly each time. I missed her soo soo much!

She laughed when I asked if she’d brought the dogs too. Not because I wanted to see them more, but because then my happiness would have been even bigger, and my heart loves bigger! She said no, dogs are home with the nephew..but, I will see them soon as I get to Ohio in a little over 2 weeks. I cannot wait to see the dogs reactions to scenting me again.

She drove me home and we spent a very pleasant 2 hours just being us. It was like slipping on the warmest slippers you ever had. I didn’t want her to leave. Her husband even warned her she couldn’t stay the night here…lol. He knows us too well

I know I’ll see her soon (18th) but, it just feels like I could never see her enough. ❤❤❤❤

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