Here’s the thing about me,

When other people watch movies, they select a character they want to be, someone they aspire to emulate or become like in some small way.

The thing about me is, I’ve never been much interested in being a specific character in the movie. I would be anyone, so long as it meant I got to be there, in that story. That world. That place.

When I was a kid, I didn’t care if I was a rock-biter, or Falkor or Atreyu. I’d want to be a “good guy”, if I got to choose, (sure, who wouldn’t?) but, I didn’t mind what my part would be, even if it was to be one of the baddies, so long as I got to explore the world that made that story come to life. To be part of the beauty that is the story.

There are ever soo many worlds in my heart. I could care less if I ever met the main characters, I just wanted to walk around Hogwarts or explore Aughra’s observatory. I’d be completely up for a wander through Nockmaar castle or to photograph the land of Mordor.

At the heart of every fantastic movie I’ve ever fallen in love with, was a world I would have given anything to experience.

For me it’s all about the amazing worlds these characters were blessed to be able to walk around in. Damn, I was jealous of the characters that got to live in a world chock full of strange creatures, histories and landscapes. At my heart I’ve never been about the story the characters told, as much as, the places they let me visit them in.

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