5 days of rain

There is a strange thing that happens whenever I take time off from work. Each time (and there have been many) the work week preceding the leave is almost always, quite inevitably, completely shitty. It’s like I have to prepay for my time off in grueling effort.

Now, much of this is probably attributed to my own impatience, certainly, everyone gets frustrated with the waiting for something good to happen, so the waiting bit feels more irritable.

Sometimes, it is/was other people. My boss at BRU always took great delight in scheduling me the absolute most shit schedule ever anytime I was going to be leaving for 2 weeks in England (he was always 100% pissed I’d be gone that long and couldn’t do ANYTHING about it as I got special permission from corporate to use my entire 2 weeks at once. They generally wouldn’t let associates do 2 weeks all at once, but leaving tbe country via a $800-$1000 plane flight has its perks) He knew damned well I’d just quit given they only paid me $8.40 an hour.

Anyway, he’d schedule the week before with my off days split end-to-end Saturday through to Sunday, like bookends, where my 1st day off came on Sunday and my next day off wouldn’t be until the following Saturday. He’d also schedule me with closing and then opening the very next day. You get the picture.

This time I was a bit surprised to have the inconvenience turn out to be weather. Seriously, mother nature? Sigh* It rained all 5 days this past week. 5 DAYS IN A ROW!

Topped off with yesterday, which was the busiest day we’ve had this year! I have NEVER been low on carts for an ENTIRE day before.

People came from everywhere! (Is a Packers game REALLY that important? Apparently, in quarantine days, It is) I mean, HOLY HELL! The parking-lot was mega-packed and with mega-packed came lots and lots of irritable, rushed, impatient and dangerously incautious people.

I almost got struck by cars no less than 6 times. All of them because people use their cars like they are an extension of themselves and conveniently forget that “I” am not in a FUCKING CAR! I am pushing big, heavy metal things on the worst incline/ decline parking-lot ever forged in hell!

Anyway, I had several cursing and shouting at car incidents I am not entirely proud of, but quite understandable? Maybe?

The day ended with me losing my temper with my management team. Whenever the younger managers (sub, sub management) is in charge, they often shaft me until I get a bit growly about it. (Telling me they don’t have anyone to spare to help me clear the lot at nights end) Wait, that makes me sound cranky and mean.

Sigh* Let’s just say I know when they are trying to take me for granted and don’t allow it. I’ve been in retail way too long and..well, I know my worth and don’t let people faff me about.

One of my team had called off and it was just myself and the newbie until 6:30, after that, it was just me..once again. Sigh* it would be darkly humorous if it weren’t my life story.

I get a bit growly sometimes. Especially, when I know I haven’t enough time to get the lot cleared on my own. Being Saturday I knew I had no bus and HAD scheduled a Lyft home. Help or no help, my butt needed to leave ON TIME. There are only 3 Lyft drivers in the area..trust me. I did not want to miss my ride.

In the end my team was forced to send someone (himself) out for 20 (I’m sure) horror-filled minutes of being me and working my job. I’m sure it was terrible (try doing it for 8 hours mate! I love my job but yesterday was NOT NORMAL!)

Only 3 working days next week. The hilarious bit is that the 2 days I requested off are Friday and Saturday, the busiest days of the week for cart-pushing. Oops. I didn’t plan the memorial dates (I swear)

It will be good to see my family, but the circumstances kinda suck.

B ❤

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