The Truth About Trauma

There is a secret about trauma that some people don’t understand. There are a few souls who suffer such deep trauma, such extreme pain, that they go completely numb. This numbness isolates them, protects them, and as a horrible side effect, makes them quite certain that they don’t feel love like others do.

You see they feel cold and a bit disconnected from people. At their deepest heart they think themselves incapable of loving someone. They think they are broken and unable to feel anything properly. But, the truth’s all a lie. This belief that they can’t love is built from fear. Far from feeling too little, they feel soo deeply and soo strongly, that the trauma drove that deep love into the pit of fear that keeps them disconnected from themselves.

The answer is, of course, healing. Things that heal slowly warm up slowly. What was too hard comes closer and closer. Bit by bit the soul prepares them for the next step and then the next step after that until, quite without realizing it, the person who feels they cannot feel forced to frantically cover the thaw that is overtaking them.

It’s terrifying for them but, also, and most importantly, extremely vital to their healing. They must continue. They must not give in.

Trauma takes feeling and numbs it, but eventually the day does come when the sun appears and refuses to leave them that way.

I call it “The Great Warming” it is both equally frightening and oddly beautiful to behold. Watching someone heal is always quite this way.

Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up. You are worth the effort. The love waiting for you is deep, abiding and true.

Don’t give up. You deserve your happy ending…or as I like to call it..happy beginning.

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