Cart giggles

Today something wildly funny happened at work. It was soo strange you might think I’m exaggerating but, I promise you! It really happened.

First, I must explain that the side doors we use to load carts into the entryway are kinda like garage doors only huge. People are always seeing these doors and deciding that they are the perfect place to put a cart they don’t want to take all the way to the cart corral ( like 20 extra steps exhausting!) It often blocks the area we need clear to spray sanitize and load the carts in, but the customer doesn’t really care about that.. It’s all about saving themselves a trip to the cart corral.

The problem is that the loading doors sit on an incline and, quite honestly! We have no end of problems on windy days, keeping the carts from flying off the incline and into the parked cars at the bottom. We’ve had about 3-4 incidents already this year. Don’t ask me, I have no idea why the idiots built our store this way. Personally, I think it’s because leveling out the land was too expensive when they built the lot. Just sayin.

Since the customer is responsible for leaving the cart that way, and not the cart attendant, we usually don’t get blamed for these “incidents” that occur but, the painful part is having to wait for management to look at the camera feeds to confirm it wasn’t you.

So, you can imagine my panic when I turned my back for a few minutes to accept condolences from a former co-worker (for the loss of my brother last month) only to turn back and realize that #1 someone parked their cart while my back was turned (he was just walking back to his car when the “incident” happened and #2 he either really parked it badly or the wind caught it and sent it flying. Either way, the cart was already in motion!

That’s when the weirdness happened! The wind caught that rolling cart and twirled it 360° and set it off straight down the other side of the incline and right into the shocked embrace of…the guy who’d left it there in the first place!

It was hilarious! The cart literally moved like it was being remotely controlled. It actually did a 360° turn mid-downhill roll. It brought to mind falling leaves and the way they twirl in the air as they fall. The customer wasn’t as amused as I was.

Apparently, having a cart you left (because you are too lazy to put it away properly) return to you of its own volition, is not amusing. Personally, I laughed my ass off!

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