Completely knackered but, home

The memorial went well and I got to see family members I haven’t seen in a year or more. It was a lot of running around and getting up extremely early all 3 days, so you better believe I am already lying on my bed like a full-grown slug-monster even though I’ve only been home 5 minutes. It can’t last though, I need

In case you wondered, everyone obeyed careful social distancing and we kept our groupings to 10 or less people at a time, even though you can technically have 50 people at an outdoor gathering, we did everything really carefully because of the older visitors and mourners.

Everyone did wear masks, though it might not seem like it in the photographs we took, mostly because those who live with each other didn’t bother wearing masks with their own family members. I, myself, as the photographer wore my mask almost the entire time.

I’ll write more after I actually have food shopping done.


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