Meet Mr Crowley

I’m doing a new writing exercise, whereby I use dialog interlinked with descriptions to give the reader the gist of the person, instead of using descriptive paragraphs by themselves.

The benefit of this type of descriptive writing, is that it can be used, quite effectively, to give the reader not only a glimpse of the character being described, but also insight, into the character doing the describing. Thus, becoming a very valuable tool indeed.

Meet Mr Crowley:

Mr Crowely was the type to make you feel oddly uncomfortable in his presence. The kind of man who would reply that “the clouds were ‘extremely incontinent’ today” when asked what the weather was like outside. Some would be uncomfortable because they didn’t know what that complicated word meant, and some, because they did and didn’t find Mr Crowley’s use of wording at all pleasing. As for myself, I’d just respond by say “wet bottoms on those clouds eh?!” Or “So a somewhat shitty day then?” Which would have the delightful effect of making Mr Crowley just as uncomfortable as he made others…even if just for the moment.

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