I’m in an extreme amount of ouch*

My legs always hurt after work as a general rule, but tonight it is just about double the normal pain I am use to feeling.

Work was busier than can be comprehended by normal means. Imagine someone started a whisper campaign that the coming snow was apocalyptic in nature, and you have a better grasp of how fucking panicky everyone is acting over a simple forecast of snow. You’d think they’d never seen the shit before the way everyone is rushing to the store.

The only day worse, this year, was the very first day of the pandemic panic when people lost their fucking minds over toilet paper!

I have become so accustomed to people’s complete lack of concern for my personal safety and/or the number of frequent episodes of cars cutting me off, or driving uncomfortably close to my person without regard for my sanity, that I don’t even react anymore!

Today was pandemonium. The way people behaved in the parking-lot was quite shameful. I had one driver who seemed to almost rather run my fellow cart-pushers down than step on the break. Patience is in horribly short supply these days. It’s like people cannot bear to wait. They push past us in their cars like we don’t have our very lives on the line if they misjudge the distance between their front fender and our fragile bodies. They literally drive around us like we are merely traffic cones and not living breathing people who might panic at the sight of them bearing down on us.

By the time I caught up with the carts restock, I was limping rather badly on both legs. I am quite sure I made a comical impression see-sawing from side-to-side as I was limping.

My co-workers were soo impressed that I managed to get all the carts in on my own before they could send help (after we closed) that they gave me chocolate. Lol.

I have never been soo glad for the next 2 days off in my life!

Soo soo sore.

I’m not moving, and you can’t make me!

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