Playing hooky

I’m sort-of playing hooky. I mean, I did request it off and everything, all proper and business-like but, it feels like playing hooky.

See, every week Friday is generally THE hardest day and also generally, I am almost ALWAYS working it alone. It’s not because my management is mean or anything, (though it does make me curse under my breath) it has more to do with having part-timers as the 90% of the workers on carts..and Doug, my only full-time support, works the morning shift. Sigh*

So, I asked for today off 3 weeks ago…

I feel guilty as hell.

But, I am also, very much aware..

That I needed this real bad. I slept like a stone. It’s actually funny, I stayed up until 3 am last night, and still woke up ( albeit groggily) at the exact time my alarm usually wakes me up. Hah!

I am not planning anything big really, just going to work on my sewing and eat copious amounts of breakfast food. Yay me!

B ❤

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