Well! That explains it!

Guys, I was starting to lose my mind trying to figure out why this specific post was getting 600 visits a day! Literally! I mean, I appreciate the views but, I’m definitely not an expert. Going from about 60 views a day to about 1000 ( Vertex in 5th house is also getting the same influx due to a similar search snippit and adds to my stat count) To be honest, I prefer NOT to get soo many visits from people only here for that one post. I am simply not use to that level of scrutiny on my tiny, usually not much read, blog.

However, it seems, Google likes the way I phrased my explanation, because they made it the “Featured Snippit” which basically means that every time someone searches for a question about “Vertex in the 6th house”, they get my quote as part of their answer. I was legit losing my mind trying to make heads or tails of this stat coming up soo high every. single. day.

I feel much less freaked out now.

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