Happy Indigenous People Day!

Celebrating the cultural roots of America without the bullshit lying this morning. I am Thankful for Indigenous people who were kind when America needed it, even though we didn’t deserve it and took extreme advantage. I’m pretty sure if the indians got a “do-over” our asses would be fucked! So, I celebrate them and their culture. The fact that they have managed to hold onto their history is something to honor and respect. No thanks to us.

I didn’t get to bed until very early this morning, due to my hands and hips aching. I guess pushing carts furiously in cold weather will do that. Very tired. The work was as you’d expect the day before Thanksgiving and I have the ouchies to prove it.

Soo..many..people. They never seem to give up these extreme holiday habits even during a pandemic. To be honest, I feel they actually use the holidays as an excuse to break the rules over and over again. We are like spoiled toddlers told we can’t have chocolate. Of course tomorrow will be Black Friday because those in retail haven’t been cursed enough this year.

The holidays are generally retail hell, but this year is going to be a whole new level of suck. I can only imagine how much worse the pandemic will make people act this year…definitely NOT BETTER!

So..yeah, thankful…that I have today off to be in pain so I can go and be slammed an entire day for the 2nd holiday, the one that celebrates capitalism and the “addicted to buying crap” humans who keep it thriving.

Happy whatever..I’m annoyed. I am thankful..but, I’m not feeling it this year. People need to be kinder. Just sayin.

I am very happy to have a new president. And phone calls with my Shay. And all my family really.

Ok..feeling better now. It’s a slow waking up process. Bring on the Chicken Nachos!!!

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