Have needle, will grid

If you’ve never done it or heard of it, gridding is what counted cross-stitchers do when they are about to take on a huge project. My huge project (or BAP for Big Ass Project) will be my Disney Stained Glass Couples Window. It’s pretty damned big!

When working a large project, gridding the aida cloth prior to sewing is a good idea. It’s basically sewing a 10X10 grid onto the cloth with a light colored thread. Since most patterns are coded 10X10 this helps the sewer catch any mistakes while sewing pretty quickly. Those who don’t grid run the risk of making a mistake and having to frog (referred to as frogging because you rip it, rip it!) entire sections of the work (so not fun with a really big project!)

Anyway, it’s worth doing, but it’s really boring! So, I’m watching Netfix and laughing over one-liners.

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