That’s probably a bad reason to buy a house right?

I want a dog. Like..really bad. I grew up with dogs (and cats for that matter) and I lived with my sister for more than 2 years and totally got use to having Poms around.

I was chatting with a co-worker, and mentioned, that I am really contemplating the idea of buying a house ( a mortgage would make my payments only about $150 more than I pay now) the thing is…I am not really all that on fire to be a home would just be so I can have a damned dog. They only allow cats here and dammit! I want a dog. I mean, I do want a home one day…maybe.

Ok, let’s be honest, I would only consider a house if that super/awesome/totally badass and fabulously flawed but imperfectly perfect for me in every way guy ever showed up (I honestly think he’s stuck in a tree somewhere) and wanted to adopt dogs/ kids and whatever else we can come up with.

I mean, I just don’t see the point of a house if it’s just me. I’d probably be happy in one of those super tiny converted bus houses or tiny compact homes you read about all the time. I’m not attached to places or things as much as, the possibility of doing what I want to do at the end of the day. I just like my own matter where that space happens to be. And I want a dog!!!

I want a dog. I want a dog. I want a dog.


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