I killed my phone…sorta

So..umm..I have this personality that simultaneously is quite use to change AND absolutely fucking hates change at the same time. Example? I have wanted a new cell phone for ages..but getting a new phone means having to go to the TMobile store and I procrastinate like a champion (with ninja skills)..which has resulted in my having a phone with only 2 Gig of memory. (Yes. I said only 2 Gig. Yes, I’ve had it that long) for like 6 or 7 years!

Whelp..I dropped my phone and, even with lovely cell cover protection, it made my screen go a bit wobbly. I have a hill on my screen which is making my phone screen pop out like the speed bump from hell. I can still use it but, I’m pretty sure this stay of execution isn’t going to last.

Therefore, I bought a new phone and am having it shipped to me (crosses fingers) When Shay asked me how I decided on the phone I eventually chose I lied like a rug and said it was because of the reviews (which are actually quite good) instead of admitting the truth…I chose the first one I saw. Yup. I am that chick. I hate this stuff soo soo much. Soo. Within a few days I’m sure you can anticipate a post of me cursing the work of learning how to use my new phone. Sigh* yes..I so hate change.

But.. I do gotta admit might kinda like the idea of not having to delete an old app everytime I try to add a new one.

Ps. I got this one:

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