The best work gift ever!

Soo tonight my team surprised me with the best gift ever!

See, Thursdays are usually the hardest day of each week for me, mostly because all my part-timers need days off at some point and that means a day during the week (as weekends are soo busy) This translates to Thursdays being the day of the week whereby I work alone for about 6 hours, but not tonight!

Tonight they had Brenden come outside at 4 and work with me right up until close. That never happens! Usually any co-workers I have leave at about 6:30 at the latest. Having someone assist until close is… it’s… it’s just…Fucking wonderful!

I was so happy I thought I’d cry. For the day to go from one I anticipated to be difficult to a complete breeze was staggering. I was teasingly asked “Do you like your Christmas gift Bekki?” But honestly, I’m not even joking. It totally was the best gift I could have gotten.

Working during the holidays is hard. Tonight helped me relax enough to actually enjoy my work and talk and interact with customers instead of rushing by them. I realized from this, that the true secret to making a workers life feel rewarding, is ensuring they are being properly supported.

Tomorrow will be the only day my entire team works together before the holiday, and I plan to give them all their presents then. I can’t wait to celebrate my team. Fridays rock!


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