Santa Bekki

I am a very strange chick. Most people like getting presents. Me? I like watching other people opening them. It’s my favorite. No, really. My absolute favorite thing. It’s like a private kind of joy to me to watch someone feel special as they open something purchased, made, or found, just with them in mind. It’s like a special kind of magic.

As a kid, I didn’t go to birthday parties for the games, the party favors or the cake. ( Ok. Maybe a little for the cake) but, mostly, I was all in for the present opening. I was front row center every time!

At Christmas, I often get yelled at to open my own gifts because I am ignoring them completely in excitement for the watching of others opening theirs. If I opened mine I might miss it! Mine can wait, the good stuff is happening and I am not missing it people!

Today. I got to play Santa. I bought presents specially selected for each of my cart boys. Soo much fun! I was like a kid hopped up on sugar. I was dripping with happiness. Pretty sure everyone thought I’d lost my mind I was laughing soo much!

I got Doug some Fireball Whiskey. I bought it after I got to work because..can you imagine the looks I’d have gotten on the bus carrying a jug of booze onboard? Hahaha.. I’d probably have made a lot of friends though. Hah!

I got Noah a Funko pop of an alien from Toy Story dressed as Mr Frederickson from the Pixar Movie Up! And a matching T- shirt (I secretly plan to eventually get Noah all the Funko pops on the shirt..shhhh don’t tell!)

Caleb loved his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wallet, Sock Monkey and Card game.

I got Marcus a Stranger Things Pop character, because he reminds me of him, and a card game. His I’ll be giving him tomorrow as he didn’t work today.

I also bought a bunch of cookies and pizza for all the cart peeps. Soo many funny comments from co-workers regarding my selections at the register..”Cookies and Whiskey Bekki? My my my!”

It was funny as hell! I loved every minute of it!

Pretty sure this explains my YouTube unboxing video addiction..

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