I blame Shay for this!

I want to make it very clear that this is all Shay’s fault!

It’s all her fault because, she’s the one who bought these fucking adorable ceramic bowls for me for Christmas. OMFG!! The woman knows the secret code to my quirky heart, or something something.

I kid you not! I once pinned these to my Pinterest wall because I loved them at first sight..and now..owning 2 has resulted in a complete lovefest obsession with all things Tassen.

Look at these adorable pieces! I can’t,..I just can’t. I’m gonna channel Agnes (from Despicable Me) slightly and say “They’re soo adorable I’m gonna die!”

This..is very revealing of the very personal whimsy personality that lives in my souls brightest sunlit room. Simply stated. I must fucking own them all now. There is no escape.

And I am very very pleased about it.


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