Mornings entertainment

I have already heard from Joey D and Shay this morning and I wasn’t even out of bed yet. Shay was gushing over her Star Wars charm bracelet and cashmere sweater. Of course I teased her about the bracelet…secretly envious. Joey D informed me that my present wouldn’t be here until tomorrow. Hah! She’s mostly just wanting to brag over what it is.. she’s absolutely certain I’m gonna freak out about whatever it is.

I then, Jumped out of bed and (full confession) danced in my snowman pj pants (I own 3 different pair of Christmas pajama pants and wear them every year… they are utterly ridiculous..but, that’s the point!!) to the levitating video I posted on here just a bit down below. It was surprisingly appropriate for my happiness level. I highly recommend it for wake- up music.

I asked myself what myself would like for brekkie and myself replied “Apple Pie”

Myself usually says no..but, it’s Christmas and myself agreed we worked very very hard this week. Result!!!!

I also grabbed a glass of juice to drink.

Now I am smiling at my sewing project because the gridding is almost done. That means…the fun part can begin soon!

Yippee!!!! 😁

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