Joey D surprises me! My sister, Joey D wasn’t kidding around. That box she mentioned? Wow.

First thing I pulled out of the box, was a mug. It’s got a computer keyboard on it. My twin nieces said it’s because I am a writer. Aww! Joey D wrote a message on the bottom of the mug and I took a photo just in case it wears with use. Soo..cute! Next out of the box was some extremely interesting tea. The name is Wu-Yi Source and It says “Premium blend not available in stores” on the label, which intrigued me. Apparently it’s some Authentic Wu- Yi tea. According to the brochure…inside the ribbon wrapped mesh bag (Fancy!) This tea is hand- picked and sun dried. Methinks I’m going to enjoy trying this bad boy out! (There are comments about this tea and its possible weight loss benefits…but, honestly, I don’t give a rats butt about that.. I’m interested in the suggestions that this tea has better flavor without any bitter after-taste. Apparently, they say its got a very smooth flavor)

The last present was in a special box. Gold lettering. Opening it up I found…Hamilton! Omg.

When I started writing my mouse book it was just for fun. I saw a felt mouse online and it inspired me to write a story about the mouse. I promised myself that if I completed the book, I’d buy myself a felted mouse as a gift. I did finish the book but, somehow, never got around to the buying the mouse part. Now, here he is… A Hamilton mouse of my very own.

I admit it…it made me cry. ( Darn onions)


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