Shay just did the most mom- like thing ever!

Shay took my nephew to get his first new car. She held his hand as he stepped into his first real adult responsibility. Then, upon waking this morning.. immediately regretted like a new homeowner with buyers remorse.

“What did I just let my son do?” she wrote.

That is the most mom- thing ever!

That kid doesn’t even realize it, but when he took that step forward, so did his mom! Letting go and letting them grow, is good parenting. Trusting them to make their way in life for the first time with something that has consequences if they fail is a huge moment.

I am soo proud of my nephew..but, secretly, I’m even more proud of my sister. She raised her kids to trust that they have support, love, and a firm guiding force when making the future go Zoom!

Letting go is hard. Trusting that all the lessons, repeated lectures, and reminders have taken root in strong soil, is hard.

She woke me up hyperventilating and I held her hand, walked her through it. Because, honestly, our family didn’t do that when we needed the same moments as kids.

We did that essential task for each other, and still do. This is Shay changing the path. This is me, supporting her the way she needed, and I needed. We got each others back.

I won’t forget today. I got to be there for my sister when she needed it and that is a blessing. I am blessed with people to worry about. Yes, that is a gift. Weird gift right? But, think about it. It allows us to shine. It is an opportunity to support and strengthen someone. Wow! Beautiful ain’t it?!

How lucky am I to have people who make me worry? How lucky am I to be able to fret and embrace the realization that with love comes worry? The alternative is to be alone. I’ll take the worry, because worry has love inside its walls.

I told Shay to “Let tomorrow’s worry find tomorrow on its own.” Because worrying about what “might” happen, only steals today’s joy. We don’t know what tomorrow holds, but we do know, that we aren’t alone. We have family and that’s, perhaps, the best part about created family. We choose who we allow ourselves to worry about. That too, is love.

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