I treasure kindness.

Above all things, I most treasure kindness.

There are those who think kindness is a gesture of great wealth. A public demonstration or political tool to further their will or guide others into the direction needed for some goal they are chasing.

There are those who like to feel highly regarded by others and enjoy that feeling of being praised or emulated. They enjoy, very much, the image they are projected into and revel in the high praise for every magnanimous gesture they make.

For me, kindness isn’t like that at all.

The kindness I treasure, is the type that doesn’t know it has been spotted. In fact, feels quite uncomfortable with being found out. The kind that never expected anything at all to come from it, and generally never has had anything come from it before or since. The kind that does what should be done, simply because it should be done, because it is the right thing to do. I treasure the kindness that shows up as love. The act that came from knowing the world is hard enough. That the heart has cried enough. The soul has borne enough. The kindness that knows that love exists for love. They are kind, because kind is needed. Kind people believe that goodness itself is enough of a reason, in every moment, to do good.

Kindness. I treasure kindness. It asks for nothing, but leaves behind something. Something that makes us more than bodies. It makes us souls within bodies..and it matters.

It is the right thing to do, even if they gain nothing from doing it. They do it, because it is right for us to do…and that, is us loving us.

There is a commercial I once saw that explains what I mean soo much better than I. It’s one of my absolute favorite videos.

It is here:

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