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I arrived to work expecting the usual difficult day on a Thursday. It’s just a thing that has to happen because there is no coverage. My co-worker, Noah has to have a day off somewhere right? No begrudging dude! However, to my surprise…Noah was there! Huh?!! Apparently, he was not only working today, he was working until 6:30! Not gonna lie, the day was suddenly much brighter!

It’s actually quite slow compared to normal (January is our slow period of the year) still, it felt real nice not having to worry about anything going awry.

Noah revealed the t-shirt his mum got him for Christmas. He wanted me to particularly see because, it was his own design!

See, there is a joke I do, at work, that none of the youngers get, I often tell them to “Salt N’ Peppa” the carts when they need pushing forward in the entry (from people taking them) because apparently teenage boys need prodding to do the thing they know I’m gonna tell them to do anyway (rolls eyes)

Anyway, it took a few weeks of my first saying this, before Noah actually asked what that meant. Of course I was frustrated by the fact that these youngers don’t know Salt N’ Pepa. They are soo sad these lil cinnamon buns!

Soo..I did an impressive imitation of “Ah..push it! Push it good! Pppapapa push it real good!” Which got me teenage looks of snarky scepticism… little twerps. The next day all 3 returned to work, to inform me that they looked up this “Super important” educational material and…they liked it. Hah!

Anyway, when Noah’s mum was getting his Christmas presents she apparently asked what he wanted… and he said: A t-shirt with this on it:

umm…I think Noah must tell his mum stories about me….now I’m really nervous and trying to recall all the shit I’ve said over the last 6 months. This… maybe?

ps. Now I want one of those shirts too!

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