A little bit ouch

My management decided to let 2 of my cart pushers go home EXTREMELY early…on a Saturday.. during Covid…while people are getting their stimulus checks. I have no idea what they were thinking because it was soo busy I entertained myself with fantasies of flinging olives at them…pit in!


It was a long and very stressful day. I am in pain. I hate being in pain and I am terribly crabby right now.

I have the next 3 days off though ( Tues is my birf-day (yes, said just that way) yay me!!! I’ll be 47! Isn’t that fantastic!

If you want to do my Astrology chart it’s 2:54 Pm in Conneaut, Ohio. 😀

soo.. I’m gonna sit here the rest of the night with my poor feet elevated watching Murdochs sexy Canadian ass as he solves another mystery whilst I sew and drink an ice cold coke. Mmmmm…yes.

It’s good to be home.

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