Gifting myself

I bought myself some presents for my birthday.

1st item is, if you can believe it, the most important item. It holds the colors you are currently working in floss AND has a place for pre-threaded needles. They get sorted by pattern symbol or floss number. I didn’t know I needed this thing, because I’ve never done such a HUGE project before. I had seen these before but only just realized what this thing is for, when I started putting pre-threaded needles into the arms of my chair. It wasn’t even a planned fully- formed idea, it just kinda happened as I was trying to get a specific area done. The one major difference I’ve noticed between smaller projects and this massive one, is that in smaller projects you can work in color blocks using the same color until you’ve seen all that are required for the entire piece. Not so for these huge projects because you will get lost very quickly if you try. Sigh* I’m having to reprogram my habits.

The second present is because I keep marking spots with a needle to go back to later and all needles, by their very design, have a rather annoying habit of slipping out of said hole to be found later in rather bad ways (namely stepping on them! The needle went into the heel of my foot. Yes! It hurt as much as you are imagining, more actually as Cross stitch needles aren’t sharp at all) Count Minder needles have a bauble on top and a stopper on the bottom. Once again, things I never knew I’d be needing!

Present 3 is a magnetic needle Minder for when I need to set my needle aside while I look over my pattern or look for floss when I’ve run out. I’ve wanted one for absolute ages. This one says “Feeling Stabby” I love it!

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