Oh..my goodness.

I woke to all these texts and posts to my FB wall. I feel incredibly warm inside. My sister, Shay, and my sister, Joey D, were texting me to the point my phone kept beeping. How’s a sleepy 🐝 supposed to be lazy if you wake her up?!

Brekkie of the forbidden foods (bacon, sausage and ham) was in order. 3 meat egg scramble bowl with 2 helpings of toast! I am revelling in the feeling of naughtily being home on a Tues. Having the day off for your birthday is THE BEST present ever! (Why thank you me, you shouldn’t have!)

I love love love that I have my bed in the perfect spot to stare at my quilt. Honestly, it is my favorite thing right now. I am incredibly glad it’s not crooked. When I hung it, I was cursing and praying as I stood on my rickity folding chair with a hammer and nails whilst trying to hold up a blanket without it falling down. The fact that I got it straight is a frickin miracle.

I will need to go get quarters to do my laundry in a bit, but I kinda think stopping at the secondhand store on the way back might soften the blow.

Ah….I feel a bit happy. I’m 47 today. Who’d have thunk it!

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