That was totally not for me!

Ok, so at work this month, there is a free sample of this product called Olly Sleep that advertises that it’s for a healthy sleep cycle.

It contains Melatonin, L-Theanine & Botanicals. I thought that, perhaps, it would help me stay asleep instead of what usually happens with my Fibro, in which I wake 2-3 times a night. So, I thought, let’s give it a whirl.

It tells you to chew the gummies thoroughly, which I did, and to eat it 30 min before you are going to sleep

I did all of these things and definitely felt the effects right away. And…well…

I hate it.

I hated it soo soo much.

It didn’t stop me waking, by the way, what it did was make me feel incredibly disoriented and way too groggy each time I DID wake. The kind of groggy that feels unnatural. To be honest, I felt the way I do when I’m extremely sick and forced to drink the worst thing in the world… NyQuil. Which I fucking hate!

I am the worst patient in the world when it comes to pain meds. I will wait until the pain is excruciating, until my body is on fire, until my head is going to explode, or until I can’t move without screaming, before I’ll take pain meds.

When I gave birth to Z and had a C-section, I stopped taking the drip meds the absolute moment they let me. No pressing the damned meds button for me. I don’t like medicine. I don’t know why but, the feeling of medicine in my body makes me uncomfortable. I can feel when my natural rhythm is off and not in proper balance. I can always tell when I’m not fully on..if that makes sense.

I am a supporter of taking your medicine to help you stay healthy, especially if the meds are correcting an imbalance or serious condition. I am also a supporter of pain relief when you are in great pain, please don’t misunderstand me. What I am NOT for is extended use of meds if the pain is manageable or simply a little but not terribly uncomfortable. I’m against taking meds that dull my senses instead of fix an issue and, a lot of the time, I will tolerate low level pain to retain the feeling of being in control of my own body. Pain medication helps with pain, but I sometimes prefer to rely on my bodies natural responses to it.

Like, NyQuil, I truly hated the bubble headed feeling of this Sleep aid. I also had terribly bad dreams.

Soo..while I think this stuff might be good for some, It definitely is NOT something I’ll use for myself. Ah well! Reading in the middle of the night, because I can’t sleep, isn’t too big a hardship right?

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