Why, what have you heard?

I think this post is hilarious because I know damned well there are people walking around in the world who will never admit they are THAT person, but are, in fact..THAT person. (That is, unless they are an Earth sign, then they are the sarcastic bastard who is simultaneously amused and disgusted by this being a truth they wish wasn’t soo damned true. You know I’m right…😂)

Think I’m kidding? There is a video of three girls freaking out about a turducken prank and how they thought the chicken was the Turkeys unborn baby. There exists a girl who thought a thermometer was a pregnancy test and was freaked that she was 97.4% pregnant. There exists a video of a girl taking the hot pepper challenge with bottled water on hand “just in case”

Earth signs are way to practical for that jumping to dumb answers thing…besides, we reserve our stupid for flinging glasses of soda onto our bed instead of the wallet in their other hand…or looking for their phone to check an email while on the phone talking to someone. You know, normal dumb as opposed to DUMB dumb. (Yes, that was sarcasm..duh!!!)

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