I’m going into labor, sort- of, but not really…

I am adopting a cat. His name, is Eggroll. Yes, Eggroll.. (that’s the name on his online profile).

I was surprised to discover that Eggroll is, in fact, a popular name for a cat. I googled it and found quite a few mentions of cats being named Eggroll. I decided to keep the name but to add to it to give “Eggy” (as I plan to call him) even more personality.

Since I am extremely quirky and extra about the people and animals I love, you won’t be too surprised to hear that his full name will be “Eggroll Sushi Sashimi or Eggy B. Personally I think cats, if consulted about it, might just like having food names. I mean they live for food! To make him dignified I will also give him the impressive name of “Edgarton Galveston Grayson” for those of you turning your nose up at Eggroll. Besides as all poet’s know… cat’s all have 3 names.

Since I’m referred to as Bekki B. This just..kinda..works for me. I already blew $200 on stuff to make him purrfectly comfortable here.

Meet Eggy:

I will bring him home tomorrow. 😀

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