Love, Simon

I finally got around to watching Love, Simon. It was kinda ok but, the book was completely more fun. No, really. The book was laugh-out-loud funny. It was a romance, this was…this was..well, something else.

The movie made the coming-out aspect a whole “thing” instead of the extremely adorable romance it really was. WTH do they always make any story about LGBTQ couples a “gripping dialog on coming out” instead of the Hallmark movie it really is?

I don’t see anyone making sure the lame-ass romances about straight people they make, have “cultural relevance”.

Ugh! Just make a romantic movie about people falling in love and stop making everything only acceptable if it adds to a cause. Normalize this shit please!

Why is every LGBTQ movie obligated to be a “brave new movie about being gay” like gay movies can only be acceptable if it’s in the form of bias-breaking entertainment.

Let’s make it palatable to the straight idiots by watering it down to a message rather than something millions of people do! Like, literally the only way LGBTQ movies are ALLOWED to exist is if they advance a cause. No, you stupid people! It’s just another movie, only it happens to NOT center around white men chasing white women. Oy! Don’t get me started.

No wonder my son gets frustrated! There are literally millions and millions of Hallmark movies with lame-assed acting and he has never seen anyone Trans fall in love in a movie, ever.

My kid didn’t even know he was ALLOWED to express his love toward someone. Because it’s never been represented as an everyday thing. It’s only ever been treated like a thing that can’t happen unless the miracle of “enlightened magical people” appear out of thin air and grant them permission to be gay. Like getting a pardon from the queen!

My kid is soo soo shy, and I blame you media!! He was too shy to just be an annoying kid crushing like a NORMAL kid. No posters in his bedroom. No gushing remarks about the hotness on the screen. My kid grew up having to piece together what it meant to be in love by reading between the lines of OTHER people’s lame love stories. Straight people’s love stories.

Love, Simon wasn’t meant to be everyone else’s! It was meant to be theirs, just theirs. The book got it right.. the movie was doomed not to do the same..and that kinda sucks..tbh.


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