Meet Eggroll

First of all, I found Eggroll a theme song..for dangerous missions. It’s actually called “Eggroll” it’s like Fate!

1st off this (down below) happened before I left the house to get Eggroll this morning:

( All transcripts will be directly from my Facebook posts)

“Omg!! This letter I got this morning really upset me soo soo much but, don’t worry. It’s not true. I am the person they are talking about. I called on the verge of tears and they explained that they send it out to anyone who made an inquiry. Heart now utterly in overdrive. Trying to calm down. Seriously I was freaking out. Like REALLY FREAKING OUT!

He’s definitely my cat now because I was 100% contemplating breaking into PetSmart to get my baby before someone else did.”

Exhibit A:

Also, I got Eggroll, him’s own engraved collar tag (with my contact info on the flip side):

My friend, Annanikki and her hubby, Ryan helped me both today and yesterday to get to and from everywhere instead of having me do it all by bus. That was super kind of them!

“Ok. Eggy is home. I’d take a photo but he’s currently hiding under the couch, which I totally expected. Ryan and I laughed because I was talking to Egg on the way home, in the car (he hates his carrier times 400) and said “You’re going to be ok you know that yes?” And Egg legit growled Noooo! Ryan and I totally heard him say No. Wow my baby is bilingual!”

“Who needs bling when you got a pet license, rabies vaccination AND a petfinder microchipper on your collar. Pop that collar Eggy!!”

“Well, the hiding is over..we have moved on to demanding pets, a lot. He likes tummy rubs…a lot. That second shot is my favorite. Im gonna get that one for a frame. Green eyes.. but like a yellow-green. I feel like he’s taking me in.”

“Notes on cat/human: Does not yet respond to Eggy.. apparently the people who didn’t deserve him called him by his full name. That’s proof they didn’t love him properly. WTH calls a cat by his actual name?! Heathens!! When we really love them we call them dumb gushy names. This is me the last 30 min. “Eggy..egg..egg..Eeeggggg..what are you doing? Why are you on my table? There’s nothing on the table. Yes, please sniff it thoroughly.. apparently it needed that. More belly rubs? You sure egghead? More belly rubs again? Soo soon? Ok. Ok. Soo no on the picking up but you will spear my legs with your claws..oookay then. Clippers…we need clippers. Hold stop wiggling. Don’t make me get the eggroll towel…(2 min later) eggroll towel it is (proceeds to wrap cat up like a burrito..err.. Eggroll and clip his claws) don’t give me that look, you refused to use the scratchy thing post!”

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