Forgiveness is a choice

I realized today, that forgiveness is a choice. You actually have the option of holding that anger close and borrowing that fuel for determined forward momentum, or letting it go and that burning anger with it.

It’s a choice. Do you need that fuel? Is it what helps you stay strong and determined? If so, let it serve that purpose, but remember, eventually it stops being fuel and becomes an excuse.  Eventually letting it go will be needed.

If you don’t need that fuel, if you already have that grit inside you, then you can let that anger go. You can choose to release yourself from it.

What a wonderful depth of understanding you gain, just by deciding which path is truly needed.

I’m not going to tell you to forgive. Sometimes you need anger to conquer your demons. I am going to tell you that to be strong, you will need a point when you consciously release it.

Sometimes forgiveness is for the ones we are forgiving, and sometimes, it’s for ourselves, so we can move forward and lose the anger holding us back from growth.

Forgiveness is a choice.

I choose to move forward.

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