I have been working on a series of pieces for my friend, Mary, who is from Sweden. She always finds me Llama merchandise as presents and I honestly, feel like I never do anything for her in return. Soo, I made these. There is one more I will probably finish tomorrow.

Cute yes?

Also, Eggroll has come out of his shell more and more. He’s getting accustomed to the realization that I’m not going anywhere and neither is he. I am actually kinda happy to see a wee bit of naughty behavior as he was Soo extremely tentative when I first brought him home. Clearly he is learning he’s home.

My friend, Claire is adopting my plants tomorrow. I’ll be keeping Ping and Don Prickles, but the others are dangerous to cats so they gotta go.

That’s pretty much my day. Watched a lot of Psych while I sewed and it was pretty much a low- key day.

how bout you? How was your day?

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