New pajamas and a bit of cursing

Work was cold. The kind of cold where your bits chime and ask you, ever so politely, if you’ve lost your fucking mind. -20° sigh* the life of a cart retriver.

I was very glad for my under armour tonight. My phone shut down on me just before close and I had several panicked moments until I knew what had happened. I honestly hate that I’ve become one of those people I always sought not to become…my cell phone is attached to me at the hip now (dammit!)

Mostly, because I use it for everything BUT making phone calls (I do that too but only if you force me into it!)

Banking, gaming, television, internet browsing, calculator, bills, texting, social sharing, calendar, clock, weather, notes, email, blogging, music, ride share, books, alarms, timers, camera and photos…hell, I even order food delivery on the damned thing! Not to mention half my life is stored in the cloud for easy retrieval via, you guessed it, cell phone!

I have my entire life on my cell phone. This mini computer is like a science fiction story come to life. Scary.

Anyway, I had a strange moment whereby I realized my cell phone is smarter than I am..he literally said “Too cold out here bitch! I’m going to sleep.”

I also bought some new pajamas.

Isn’t the pattern cute?

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