There are people who love you

You might not know it, but there are people who love you. People who you might not have actual knowledge of loving you.

That guy on the bus who looks for you and thinks the fact that you give up your seat anytime an elderly or pregnant person gets on, without hesitation? He thinks you are the soul of kindness and he emulates you because he admires the way you seem to live your own personal creed.

That woman at work who is really shy? She is always amazed by the way you always smile at her and wave hello every single day as you come into work. She thinks of you when she gets up in the morning and hopes she sees you when she gets to work. She goes out of her way to smile and say hello to people because having you do it, means soo much to her, she wants to do the same for others.

Remember that awkward guy who always cracks jokes? He knows you’ll laugh at his punny jokes and looks up new ones to share with you because he knows you will laugh and tell him which ones you liked best.

There’s a waitress who knows you always tip well (even that one time when she totally messed up and you STILL gave her a great tip and reassured her that it’s no big deal) She immediately knows it’s going to be a good day when she sees you come into her section.

All these people you barely realize you are impacting? They love you. They probably won’t tell you, but you matter to them. You shine light in places that need light. You lighten burdens. You inspire change. You make happiness. You are loved for these simple and uncomplicated things you do without thought, every single day.

You matter.

You might not know the many ways you impact the world, but, the world feels your impact. You make someone glad, every single day, that you are alive..and you don’t even know it.

You matter.

Don’t give up.

Don’t ever give up

It’s not your job to determine how loved you are, because loving is what we do without conscious effort.

Love people and remind yourself daily,

that you are loved.

You just don’t realize how much.

Maybe, just maybe, you needed to know that today.

You matter.

In big ways.

In small ways.


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