I’m kinda bitter over a chair.

Ok explaination. You see this chair?:

I’m fucking in love with it. It’s that (damned plate all over again!)

I have loved it for a long time (years really). Well, Shay saw it on an old Instagram post. She asked me where she could find it. I got territorial..tbh. I told her that’s MY dream chair and she CAN’T HAVE IT!

She insisted she wanted to know more about it, so I researched it. What I found was this:

It was featured on this cool Mood Board Post that also mentioned, that it was already sold and was a One-off piece.

Cue the incredible feeling of mourning a chair I never even knew I couldn’t have! I blame Shay! I was innocently oblivious to the fact that my fantasy home Pinterest chair was out of my reach and now I’m gripped by uncontrollable disappointment. It’s that lamp all over again. (Apparently this happens to me a lot)

Remember what happened to with the lamp?

I still miss him and I never even had him. Wah!!!!

bitter, I’m bitter. Meh!!

and then there is the story of these lovely things (below). Yes, I do have issues with falling in love with certain furniture and design pieces, why do you ask?

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