Interesting reading

My client asked about career path.

2 Swords cards in reverse 7 and 4.

8 of cups reversed.

Emotional cards indicate A need for honesty, freedom to choose, and denial in play.

Clarifiers are Sadness and Isolation. New Vitality and Moon Card. Since the moon came out as my only Arcana I knew it was the Big Fish of the entire reading. This clarifying card meant business. A reversed 4 of Swords is not to be messed with people! Clearly my client is exhausted and deeply in need of this reading.

My guides are very chatty on this one. I usually wait longer to respond but, the guides literally wouldn’t shut up!

This client clearly has guides and angels in abundance. This path decision is indicated as being crucially important to their happiness, so I felt compelled to respond right away.

The guides actually ignored my clients actual question. That kinda amused me. They were more interested in what this person wasn’t admitting..this then, was the reason they chimed in like my cat before dinner.

They indicated that my client needs to confront the truth, which is that their heart isn’t in it. Their sadness and isolation is a result of stagnation in a path they don’t want and didn’t ask for. The truth is, my client (the guides tell me) already knows full well what they want to do. The guides pulled a deceased relative forward to confirm. If they do follow the true passion, the Ace of Wands is waiting!

The client was extremely surprised, to say the least. I was dead accurate. I’m thinking they weren’t expecting what I said. Lol Given that my guides didn’t actually answer the original question I can understand! 😄 The vitality card clarifying 7 of Swords is perfectly clear! They need to hold their vision and confront the circumstances blocking them from their true path. I firmly believe that if you follow your true path, happiness is assured.

What a fun reading!

The guides did indicate very strongly that my client was deeply over-stressed and needed to take immediate action and reconnect with themselves through meditation.

I sure hope I helped them.

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