Little by little

Soo, Eggy was a stray. I believe his name, (Eggroll) comes from where he was found (behind a Chinese restaurant)

At first, he hid a lot.

But slowly we got better acquainted.

When he got here, he wasn’t use to play. Had no idea what any of the toys I bought him were even for. He has a play tunnel, lazer pointer, fish toy on a bouncy wand, mice, balls with bells inside, and even a round tube toy that has a ball trapped inside to chase. He didn’t show interest in any of them.

He also had no clue about dry cat food. Literally didn’t know how to go about eating it. I got really nervous when he hadn’t eaten for 2 days but meowed for food each time I was in the kitchen. So I immediately bought crappier food, like the junk food of cats. Blue mountain out, Friskies in.

I also bought him wet food. Big results…only..he overate and ended up throwing up all over my place, like, 6 times. Ok. Sooo…not use to eating in big portions. Check…

I started giving him wet food twice a day in very small amounts, and dry food available all the time (finally getting him to eat the better quality stuff). We are finally up to 2 tablespoons of wet food twice a day! Whoop Whoop! On Sunday I was lying reading in bed when I heard the unmistakable sound of dry food cracking. I peeked…Yes!!! He’s eating dry food!

Then, we went to his wellness exam. He did. not. like. the. carrier. at. all.

The vet said he weighs 8 lbs and should weigh 13 for his age. Soo..treats are totally allowed!! I bought 3 containers and liberally give him treats whenever he’s cute..which is often.

I have been teaching Eggy how to play..he’s a clear expert mouser and attacks my rolled up socks daily! He knocks the socks off the bed, attacks them..and then sits near them pretending he didn’t just steal my damned socks off my bed! Lil stinker.

He’s also shown great promise in lazer pointer attack! The big winner this past weekend however, was the fish toy wand ( mostly because I kept annoying him with it until he attacked it!)

and tonight, ANOTHER milestone!!

He’s never slept on my bed before.

Lookit! Lookit! Eggy is sleeping by my feet!

Little by little, he’s learning that this is home. And I

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