Damn, that poem has me 😭 ng

I’m blubbering like an idiot. That last post..somehow hits much deeper than I meant it to. This is the heart of me really. The way I view love and loving. It’s like longing and nakedness. It’s like being sad and not minding you are. I don’t have a Valentine this year, but, in my heart, I feel the outline of who fits. Isn’t that a strange thing to say?

“He shall know me by my smile” is a line from one of my poems, and I feel that is the way of it. The true way.

He shall know me by my smile and I shall know him by his habits.

He fits. He just fits…and I will know him..because I already know everything but his presence.

In knowing what love completes me. I shall know when he arrives to do so.

Sigh* I miss someone I haven’t met.

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