What happens when I’m feeling low?

You’ll probably never know (didn’t really mean to rhyme just then) mostly, because I don’t tend to post when I’m sad.

I’m probably just a typical Capricorn when it comes to that stuff. I just, sort of, get quiet and wait out my sadness.

Who am I gonna complain to, my cat? Actually, I do..a bit..but, mostly I just indulge myself in a tear or two by watching tear inducing posts on YouTube.

I’m an emotional person. I cry when people win. I cry when people cry. I guess, just like Dolly says in Steel Magnolias “I have a strict policy that nobody cries alone in my presence.” It’s my biggest secret cause, apparently, they will take away your Capricorn *Cold-hearted Bitch* sticker if you admit to being really sentimental and soppy.

My friend, M, always calls me “schmaltzy” because I am a complete sentimental dweeb about loved ones and emotional moments. (Except for Titanic…my ex was crying excessively and I was in the theater bitterly growling that she could have totally let Leo up on the damned door with her!!) If it had been me… I’d have refused to let him stay in the water alone. If he had to die… I’d have died with him. No such thing as letting the one I love sacrifice for my ass…Nope! We go together. We live together! We fight together! We die together! ( Bet your ass baby!)

But…I digress. Ahem* sorry got diverted.

The thing is, I don’t like sharing that I’m having low periods. I just don’t post or comment for a few weeks and just…come back when it’s better.

Soo, I’m just having….one of those.. for a bit.. right now. My heart is talking a lot but, I’m not sure what it’s telling me. Sigh* I’m feeling a bit like being silent. I just feel like not talking or sharing..or typing really. Hope you understand. I’ll be back soon…I promise.

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