This…this is the kind of world I ache to live in

I’m an emotional person…I admit it. I’m not ashamed of it. I rarely show this side in public but, honestly, it is at the core of every rant and frustrated sigh… because.. people have possiblites inside them that they often fail to aspire to…they don’t just fail themselves..they don’t even recognize they are failing. I see it soo clearly and just get soo damned mad on behalf of their potential self…this future self they could be if they just….stop…and notice things. Stop and feel things. Stop and just take the slightly more inconvenient path.. because that path is worth soo much more than that shortcut hurry everyone is always in. I wish we valued patience and contemplating. I wish we valued mulling something over before speaking. I wish we meandered and scrutinized. I wish we could just stop drowning out our inner thoughts and make friends with the questions and reflections that lives in our own head. We are more if we want to be…soo..why why why? why doesn’t anyone want to be?

I cried over this tweet because it makes me hopeful. We could all be family to one another, if we could just stop expecting everyone we meet to be mirrors of ourselves.

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