Travel Cat Backpack

Say what?!!

This thing is awesome. I wish Eggy didn’t hate all things carrier. Would be soo cool to take him about in this. People’s reactions alone would greatly amuse..but, also, because traveling with Eggy will probably be a challenge now that I know he’s very scared to go outside.

I took him outside on a leash tonight and my poor kitty freaked out and desperately tried to get back inside the building. I’m not sure what this indicates, but my cat was absolutely terrified. I have never seen a cat react this way. I’m still a little confused by his reaction. He literally ran and clawed the door trying to get inside. He was shaking. My poor poor kitty! He needed lots of pets to settle down once I got him inside. He meowed soo pitifully that it almost broke my heart. Maybe I could train him on it a little at a time. Hmm.. I’m considering it.

Also, I like that you can remove the bubble and just have a screen like in image 2. A suggestion was given to leave the hole open at home and let the pet get to know the backpack first. I could try that.

Hmmm…to be continued.

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