Happy Monday!

When you have Mondays off, every Monday is a happy one.

I sauntered over to the secondhand store and bought a few really pretty scarves to adorn the table and stand by my door and then, stopped and bought quarters for laundry. There is a massive amount this week because I skipped it last week. Oops!

On the way home I decided to stop at this bakery near my apartment. I’ve wondered about it many times, but have never gone in, it’s quite cute because it has an in-store cafe atmosphere that, from the outside, looks quite cozy. I walked in quite tentatively. I always do when it’s a new place. I get a bit shy with places I’ve never explored before. Kinda interested but respectful. With places I’ve been in many times, I saunter in like the Tsar of Russia, all confident and already compiling my menu options.

I like to feel the vibe first. I don’t really understand people who don’t believe in places having vibes. How can they not feel it? The stamp of energy touches everything.. especially places where the same actions happen over-and- over again. I spotted a loaf of this cheddar bread and started salivating. The cashier informed me that this loaf is a huge favorite of hers as well. Sold!

Now, I’m home and Eggy has fallen asleep literally at my feet. I cleaned off my sewing chair because it has a suspicious amount of cat hair accumulating on it…hmmm.

This bread is fucking amazing (I must curse here as nothing else expresses this breads awesomeness adequately)

I slavered it in butter (after toasting it a bit) and I think I died and went heavenward.

ok. Enough putting it off..time to do my laundry. Note to self* must buy new comforter set.

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