My cat is soo mad at me

All day, while I was cleaning, my cat was underfoot. Literally climbing into, underneath, or just basically blocking access to, pretty much everything!

The real low point was when Eggy discovered he can not only climb INTO the cabinet drawers, but that he can climb BEHIND them by crawling into the space left by the open drawer! I had to truly threaten him this time! He scared me soo soo much because I wasn’t sure what to do if fudge-nuts got stuck in there! What was I gonna do?? Pry bar the built-in cabinets to rescue him? See, the cabinets span the entire wall and that space he found runs along the entire thing! I live in an apartment and something tells me they wouldn’t take kindly to me tearing cabinetry up!

Soo..I took my revenge.

I found my old white noise sound-maker in the closet and plugged it in..I clicked until I got to the one marked “Bird song” hahahahaha. Eggy went a bit nuts trying to find the damned birds for an entire 3 minutes before I had pity on him and changed it to Waterfall. Hahahahaha.

This is how we get revenge when you scare us lil bastad’


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