Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors

I just read this article on the story behind Dolly Parton’s song “Coat of Many Colors”.

In the article it says:

At the time, Parton thought, “Why is this happening?” But now she feels the incident occurred so she’d be inspired to write “Coat of Many Colors.”

It really is true that ‘God works in strange and mysterious ways His wonders to perform,’” she wrote. “You never know when you’re going through things what is actually going to turn out to be a blessing. So it’s worth the suffering.”

My mind is blown, because Dolly Parton doesn’t even know how much her song meant to me, and the strange synchronicity that I just now discovered in reading this article.

See, the first time I heard the song I had just finished reading about Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors. That’s literally why that song caught my attention. We were kinda poor too…and I had to wear hand-me-downs. I identified with the lil girl in that song to the deepest part of my soul. I use to read those books you often saw in the dentist’s office, Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Books, I think they were called. My mom had them coming in the mail and I ate them up. I’d read them cover to cover. They were stories about kids and he used these stories to explain the bible teachings in a way that made sense to me. It was like hearing a story, but with a message to help you navigate life. I loved them!

Dolly Parton has no idea how much I loved that little girl in the song. How much I loved her because she was like me, which meant I wasn’t alone.. which my mind, that somehow she and me were friends..linked by a mutual understanding of what it means to insist on believing in the good. Believing in the hope. I know that might not make sense the way I’ve written it..but, I think Dolly would know EXACTLY what I mean.

I also just learned her birthday is exactly a week after mine (though, she’s older than me in body, likely not in spirit for that never truly ages) She’s a Cappie with a Virgo Moon, JUST LIKE MEEEEEE!! Awesome.

I know this sounds super nuts but, I think Dolly is kin. I accepted her as kin as a child and therefore, she just is, and always will be.

I already loved Dolly before I read this article. This is just one more reason why I do!

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