Ok. So that’s a no then..

I tried taking Eggy outside recently and, well, it didn’t go very well. He was soo soo scared. He frantically tried to get back inside. My poor kitty was a stray and, apparently, his experience traumatized him. He is 180% not interested in ever leaving our flat. He shivered for 30 minutes after I brought him back inside. I tried again today and he was even more scared than the previous time. I thought maybe being out during the day might be better but, no..it wasn’t..at all. He was soo freaked out his fur was shedding massively. My poor baby. I didn’t take him out of the building this time, just to the soda machine but, it didn’t matter..he was terrified.

Sorry Eggy. I won’t ask it of you ever again. We’ll just make the inside as cool as possible. I’m thinking cat climbing wall shelves and a cat hammock. They even have kitty treadmill wheels.

Tomorrow we are getting Eggy a covered litter box because.. honestly, I think he’s throwing it across the room like confetti.

Oh, and before y’all give me a lecture about cat’s being indoor creatures, I grew up with both indoor and outdoor cats. Cats indoors are felt to get very depressed and bored. This was just me attempting to determine if I could enrich Eggy’s life by venturing out with a possible cat backpack in future. I have seen a few cats that enjoy traveling in bicycle baskets and specially created pet backpacks so, I know how to go about it. Thing is, most have to be trained as kittens. I was 70% sure he wouldn’t like it but, his level of fear is a deal- breaker. He’s my Eggy..and I will let him tell me what he wants.

I’m pretty sure this is his “Enough with the camera already woman” look

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