The Bekki Book

I have always believed, from childhood, that everyone has a book in their head, like I do. It wasn’t until I was older, that I was informed, that this isn’t soo for most people.

See, I keep stories in my head, the way most people keep scrapbooks. I call it my Bekki book. See, there are moments in your life that define your sense of comfort. That tell you that you are loved, seen, remembered. These stories are often funny, sometimes sad, but always kept with great reverence. It’s the book my soul is writing about my life.. and for me, the most magical life, is the one filled to the brim with laughter and loving.

Wanna hear a few of my stories?

Let’s start with today’s..It is the reason I decided to write this post.

Today I put Noah and Doug into my book. One of my co-workers is going to be missing work for about a week. Apparently he’s getting a vasectomy. (Remember that will be important in a minute.)

See, apparently Doug was telling Noah why my co-worker would be absent, but he kinda couldn’t remember the word for it..vasectomy . Soo.. being the biggest cat lover on the planet, Doug explained with a word he was more familiar with. He told Noah our co-worker was getting neautered. 😂!!!

Noah, is quite he didn’t realize that neautered isn’t the same as a vasectomy.

A vasectomy does not involve removing testicles, or any other body parts for that matter. A vasectomy only involves the vas deferens, which is the tube that carries sperm from your testes to your prostate gland.

A Neautered cat is getting his *ahem* testicles removed. Soo… it’s really kind of a BIG difference.

Cue to my face when Noah informed me that our co-worker is going to be out of work because he’s being neutered.


How could I NOT add that to my book? I ask you?!!

Another favorite was the time my buddy, Matt, put a pillow into his pants waddled out to his lounge (where I was watching a bit of television) and inquired “Does this pillow make my butt look big?!”

There’s the time I tried using Shay’s sewing machine to “help” make a mini quilt present for my English friend, Anne, and accidentally sewed my shirt sleeve to the machine. Shay refused to cut me loose until she’d taken a photo and posted it to Facebook.

These memories, they have echoes in them. Laughter… happiness… Joy. They are what I’m referring to when I write the line of poetry that goes “Lost in hues and graces, these echoes have faces!”

I have millions of these stories. I often write them down as soon as they happen. I share them on FB, Instagram, and this blog..almost the moment they happen..because..these moments are me.

They are the bits of myself that show my love for these people. The bits that make life worth living. The snips of a life being lived. These bits show people that I love them. It shares that secret with them… reveals my affection, my gratitude, my love. I wrote them down…and that MEANS something.

See, one day I will die. When I do..people might be sad. And then, they will start talking…they will find these bits.. and share them. They will share them and laugh. They will remember me and they will remember themselves. They will know that I loved them. And that…THAT! Is the truth of who I am inside. The Bekki book is me.. loving my life. Loving and appreciating them for being part of that life. What blessings we are given. What blessings we are living. Every day we write in the book of ourselves.

Isn’t that amazing?

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